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Who’s in the HIVE?

Our students and grads represent an ever-evolving range of diverse backgrounds, skills, and interests, and our platform is specifically focused on preparing and placing the next generation of talent into the workforce. At HIVE, our one community of everything and everyone is what diversity in the professional world is meant to be. Companies in the HIVE all share one thing in common – they are excited about proactively engaging the next generation of talent through HIVE DIVERSITY.

1000 +
Schools & Colleges
3000 +
Diversity, Career & Community-Focused Student Organizations
73 %
46 %
34 %
First-Generation College Student
17 %
19 %
Socioeconomic Background
17 %
Sexual Orientation
11 %
Allies & Advocates
17 %
7 %
10 %
1st Year Students
20 %
25 %
25 %
20 %
Recent Graduates

Meaningful Engagement

Students & grads uniquely demonstrate their commitment to potential employers by completing our proprietary HIVE5 Process focused on career and DEI preparation. In the process, they also create a resume and digital profile that highlights and showcases their individual identities, interests and achievements to employers in an unprecedented and innovative way.

HIVE’s employer experience enhances companies’ visibility to—and interest from— the next generation of talent. With the assistance of Helper B, companies in the HIVE learn how to access even more candidates and are able to understand a great deal more about all potential and ever-evolving priorities of representation.