Per-Posting Agreement (orig)

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This Posting Form (“Order Form”) is effective from the date this form is submitted (“Effective Date”) by and between HIVE DIVERSITY, Inc., a Delaware Corporation with an address at 287 Park Avenue South, Suite 631, New York, NY 10010 (“Hive”), and the Customer set forth below. This Order Form, the attached Hive Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”), and any and all attachments thereto shall be collectively referred to as the “Agreement.” Any and all terms used, but not defined in this Order Form shall have the meaning given to them in the Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between this Order Form and the Terms and Conditions, this Order Form shall control.

For multiple positions, please complete the information for one below and contact HIVE for additional positions.

    Customer will pay Hive a fee of $300.00 for a basic posting (the “Fee”) for each job description furnished to Hive for manual posting on the Hive platform (a “Posting”). A Posting will remain on the Hive platform until the earlier of (i) the Posting Expiration Date listed above or (ii) the date on which Customer hires one (1) applicant for the position in the Posting (a “Posted Position”) from potential applicants furnished to Customer by Hive (each a “Hive Candidate”) for the initial Fee (the earlier of such dates being referred to herein as the “Expiration Date”). In the event Customer wishes to keep a Posting on the Hive platform for an additional 30 days following the Expiration Date, Customer shall notify Hive in writing (by email) and shall pay an additional $300.00 per extended Posting to Hive within five (5) days following such notification. At Customer’s election, for an additional fee of $200 per Posting, Hive shall actively bring any Posting to the increased attention of qualified Hive Candidates (a “Hive Boost”) within one (1) business day following receipt of Customer’s payment and a second notification to qualified HIVE Candidates within seventy-two (72) hours of the first notification.

    Customer shall promptly notify Hive in writing (by email) in the event that Customer hires a Hive Candidate for any position, whether for a Posted Position or any other position. In the event that Customer hires a Hive Candidate for a position that is not a Posted Position, Customer shall pay Hive an additional $300.00 within five (5) days of such notification.

    All payments due under this Agreement to Hive shall be paid in United States dollars and shall be made by invoice sent by Hive for the total due, immediately following execution of this Order Form. Payments are due within five (5) business days following invoice.

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