z Students & Grads (Old)

Making it Easier for Everyone

Stand out to potential employers by completing our gamified experience and use our patented resume technology to never worry about format ever again (you heard that right!). Your perfectly formatted resume and digital application showcase your background, experience, skills and interests to employers in an unprecedented and innovative way.

Making it Fun

Join Helper B as he/she/they escort you through our HIVE5 Process, which includes content that best prepares you for the internship/job hunt, including an awesome module on diversity, equity and inclusion. You’ll access curated career and professional development content and programs, and of course, our community of companies who value diversity.

Who’s in the HIVE?

Fly into our community of students and recent grads whose backgrounds, skills, and interests resemble what diversity in the professional world is meant to be. Our early career job seekers are from over 900 colleges and universities and all have one thing in common: they believe that if you work hard, it should work out. Companies in the HIVE are invested in you: the next generation of talent.

1000 +
Schools & Colleges
3000 +
Diversity, Career & Community-Focused Student Organizations
73 %
46 %
34 %
First-Generation College Student
17 %
19 %
Socioeconomic Background
17 %
Sexual Orientation
11 %
Allies & Advocates
17 %
7 %
10 %
1st Year Students
20 %
25 %
25 %
20 %
Recent Graduates