"HIVE Diversity has helped me feel much more at ease during my job search. I felt confident in my skills and abilities, which helped me create and submit my resume during the interviews. I look forward to this new beginning, and I don’t think I would feel this comfortable on this road to the unknown if it weren’t for HIVE."

— Kayla Spiller, Lebanon Valley College ‘22 / Market Research Intern at The Webby Awards



"The importance of HIVE's mission cannot be understated, and the performance and effort of the team are phenomenal. I am thankful to HIVE for always offering their unconditional and fantastic support!"

— Ini Adeleye, Cornell University ‘23 / Starlink Engineering Intern at SpaceX



"HIVE Diversity has helped me break through the barrier of being a First-Gen, Low-income, Latinx student because prior to HIVE, I had few networks. I was limited in resources, so I knew I was behind as an applicant. HIVE gave me a professionally formatted resume, an understanding, and a breakdown of how to succeed in searching for the perfect company and job match, and how to apply buzzwords and the STARS method when I interviewed with companies. From the HIVE Hangouts to the constant notifications of new opportunities I am eligible for, this allowed me to find the perfect company that checks all the boxes in what I wanted and more. The community within the HIVE is amazing as well. I’ve made countless friends and memories. I am forever grateful for HIVE."

— Richie Romero, Skidmore College ‘21 / Incoming Consulting Development Analyst at Accenture



"Utilizing HIVE Diversity's resources and networking with my peers helped me parse through which companies valued diversity and inclusion in their workforce. As someone from a low socioeconomic, multicultural background, identifying internships that could allow me to learn and grow as my best professional self was really important."

— Nate Trajano, Tulane University ‘23 / Launch Intern at Ernst & Young



"“HIVE Diversity has assisted me in reaching my full potential and getting rid of my ongoing imposter syndrome. When I have the qualifications but feel underqualified or start to doubt myself, HIVE reassures me as a Black Muslim Woman that I belong in these spaces.”

— Raheel Abdul-Jalil, Seton Hall University ‘23/ Diverse Leaders Cohort at Accenture



"I am so grateful to HIVE for helping me land this opportunity by highlighting my experiences and qualifications to UTA! Knowing that HIVE’s mission is to help candidates that come from diverse backgrounds land opportunities with prestigious companies that value diversity like UTA is so valuable! Byron’s communication with me throughout the interview process was so genuine, helpful, and encouraging! I am thankful for the HIVE platform and community for continuously providing support and resources for students like myself!"

— Marian Turner, Spelman College ‘23 / July 2022 Externship Program at United Talent Agency