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Hive is a virtual recruiting platform that connects companies to one community of committed next-generation that represents an ever-evolving range of self-identified diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Hive’s community includes current college students, recent graduates seeking entry-level positions, and early career applicants with 1-2 years of experience. Companies on Hive's platform get full access to this community of qualified next-generation talent.



01 | Increase next-generation diversity through connecting companies that value DEI with Hive’s growing community of next-generation talent.

02 | Improve recruiting efficiencies for candidates and companies everywhere using our patented resume technology and application platform.

03 | Engage candidates earlier and more equitably through programs and events focused on introducing careers throughout the college experience.

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Byron Slosar is the Founder & CEO of HIVE Diversity, a virtual recruitment platform that connects companies with an ever-evolving diverse community of uniquely-qualified next generation talent. Prior to launching HIVE, Byron spent over a decade in undergraduate career advising, career development, employer relations, and undergraduate recruiting, working with over 4,000 students – his “kids.” In 2018 he recognized a need to modernize current recruiting models and make the pursuit of a career for college students less about they know and where they go to school, and more about who they are as people and feeling valued in the recruitment conversation. Inspired to create a new road for early career jobseekers, Byron led the development of revolutionary career preparation and recruitment technology, including HIVE’s patented resume build. In a little over two years since the company’s launch HIVE’s community has grown from 600 students at 120 schools to close to 21,000 students and recent grads from 1400 colleges and universities, and HIVE’s corporate clients include leaders across industries including Disney, Goldman Sachs, Accenture, London Stock Exchange, Detroit Pistons, Wells Fargo, HSBC, United Talent Agency, International Rescue Committee, and others. And while his role as a first-time CEO & Founder is extremely exciting and rewarding, it comes a close second to his role as husband to Matt and dad to their son, “Little Byron.”

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