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Through the power of our 2x patented resume technology, we create more equitable pathways for early career talent.


Hive’s community includes current college students, recent graduates seeking entry-level positions, and early career applicants with 1-2 years of experience. Our technology was designed to create more equitable pathways for early career talent with firms that appreciate the value of diverse lived experiences.

Improve DEI recruitment strategies with technology

Connect companies that value DEI with Hive’s growing community of qualified talent on a secure hiring platform that only sends candidates' data when and how they want it shared

Improve recruiting inefficiencies with technology

Reduce the time it takes recruiters to get to the best candidates candidates with our 2x patented resume technology that can help reduce hiring manager bias and simplify the resume review process

Create more equitable pathways for all

Engage candidates more equitably through programs, education, training, and events that are focused on introducing careers earlier and more often throughout their college experiences


Byron Slosar

hellohive was founded by Byron Slosar in 2019 to be a virtual recruitment solution. Before founding Hive, Byron worked with over 10,000 students through engagements with schools and colleges ranging from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, to the Abaarso School of Science & Technology in Hargeisa, Somaliland, to now more than 1,400 schools that are part of the hellohive community.

Byron founded Hive so that the resources and coaching (previously provided primarily in an only personalized format) could, through technology, scale and reach students across hundreds – and now thousands – schools and students. The company is still powered by that same desire to fix recruiting, plus two patents on its proprietary resume technology and innovative, industry-leading data solutions.

While his role as a first-time CEO and Founder is extremely exciting and rewarding, it comes a close second to his role as husband to Matt and dad to their son, “Little Byron.”

Founder & CEO
of hellohive

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