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We help your team leverage our advanced technology to revolutionize your early career recruitment process and streamline your access to high-quality talent.


We help your team leverage our advanced technology to revolutionize your early-career recruitment process and streamline your access to high-quality talent.


hellohive's platform is a testament to efficiency and effectiveness in talent acquisition, backed by success metrics that highlight our capacity to match top-tier talent with leading employers.


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Our employers love Hive because Hive makes hiring better.

Built for Quality

Use our secure platform to access a uniform, templated resume format allowing you to easily access information on each candidate; only the specific info candidates choose to share with your firm makes it to your team.

Built for Tomorrow

Reimagine engagement with next-gen talent through innovative programming and collaborative Hive-hosted events that meet candidates where they are in their career journeys.

Built for Efficiency

Increase your reach beyond your traditional target schools, reduce time-to-hire, and supplement on-campus recruitment efforts by promoting your jobs and internships on Hive.


Hear why our current Hive partners stick around.

Francis Aherns

"Hive does a wonderful job getting Goldman Sachs's opportunities in front of students but also provides exceptional talent to our recruiting teams."

University Relations Specialist at Goldman Sachs

Raquel Barlow

“We are excited to work with Hive because of how connected they are to a diverse talent pool of students across a multitude of identities and their ambitious vision for corporate and diverse talent partnerships. We have already hosted as well as hired several Hive students and it’s been a great experience thus far!”

AVP Diversity Partnerships & Programs Manager at Alliance Bernstein

Ben Comes

“The platform enables our team to source candidates for three of our key talent pipeline programs and consistently provides a pool of capable students. Our firm can more confidently ensure we are attracting and considering diverse candidates of all backgrounds through the inclusion of self-identified diversity information.”The Hive platform brought to life the candidates’ experiences both personally and professionally. That, as a hiring leader, allowed a holistic view in assessing the candidates’ fit for the role.

Talent Acquisition Lead at Franklin Templeton


  • Finance & Banking

    Leverage our patented resume technology to streamline your search for diverse, early-career talent in finance and banking.

  • Management Consulting

    Hire and engage with motivated and prepared early-career talent from core and non-core schools with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences.

  • Technology & Innovation

    Our platform empowers the technology and innovation sector to access a wide pool of diverse, early-career professionals, ready to contribute fresh ideas and solutions using our unique resume technology.

  • Healthcare & Insurance

    Hive simplifies the recruitment of diverse, early-career talent in healthcare and insurance, utilizing patented resume technology to match your needs with candidates passionate about making a meaningful impact.

  • Entertainment

    In the entertainment industry, Hive’s innovative resume technology connects you with diverse, early-career creatives, coordinators and strategists, ready to bring fresh perspectives and drive audience engagement.

  • Education & Non-Profit

    From webinars and events to internship and full-time job opportunities, Hive creates impactful experiences that prepare individuals for the demands of the job market.


Hellofinance Summer 2024 Virtual Program: The People & Pathways Of Financial Services

Join us for the third annual series dedicated to demystifying careers in financial services and meet several Hive financial services firm partners attending, paneling, and looking for their next hires!

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Students and professionals joined us for a dynamic day of connection and growth for two IRL events, including a panel and networking session.

Event Recap

helloseries: Investment Banking

Attendees met some of the biggest names in the industry, heard about firm culture & values, and got tips from senior execs about how to enter the field.

helloseries: Private Equity

Private Equity partners hosted a night for students to learn about the different career paths & job functions within PE with tips from senior execs.


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May 16, 2024

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April 30, 2023

Fostering Inclusive Work Cultures: A Guide for Finance and Banking Leaders

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About hellohive

hellohive is a next-gen recruitment and resume technology company that creates more equitable pathways for early-career talent


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  • How do we measure ROI from an engagement with hellohive?

    We measure ROI from hellohive engagements by showing the number of event registrants, event attendees, applications to roles, number of opportunity placements, overall number of hires, and the overall success of a placement.

  • How does hellohive replace other recruiting tools?

    Hive does not replace other recruiting tools, we augment them.

  • How is DEI folded into our programs?

    Knowledge is privilege, so our platform creates equitable pathways for students and recent graduates to learn early-career prep skills, build a perfectly formatted one-page resume using recruiter-preferred, industry standard templates.

  • Do you have an ATS integration?

    Not at this time.

  • How do you handle user data and privacy?

    We don’t let employers search student profiles, it is not a sourcing platform. They only see candidate’s data when a candidate applies to a role with their company.

  • How does hellohive find candidates to join the platform?

    Many students on campus who have found value in our platform share it with peers. Our partner events act as a flywheel to generate buzz and incentivize students to sign up. Also, students who are looking for resume-building help and interested in learning career-prep skills are naturally attracted towards our platform.

  • Are diversities self-reported?

    Yes, they are!


If you are interested in partnering with hellohive or have any questions about how we can help your team generate a pipeline of qualified early-career talent, please contact us

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