About Hive’s HelloSeries

The Hive HelloSeries is programming specifically curated for first-and-second college students who are just beginning their career journeys.

Programming in the series is centered around:

  • what a real day-in-the-life is like at our featured partner companies.

  • culture and DEI commitment at each company

  • career growth tips and examples from senior leaders

  • an overview of entry-level roles and the recruitment process

Students gain real-life insights from networking with other students and participating in an AMA (ask me anything) with recent graduates working in entry-level roles.

Series FAQ

  • Who is Hive’s HelloSeries open to?

    Programming is specifically designed for first- and second-year (sophomore) college students, but upperclassmen are also welcome to register. Students pursuing Associate’s degrees that plan to matriculate into a four-year school are also welcome!

  • How do I register Hive’s HelloSeries?

    Students can register using the links above, which contain a registration form for each series. Please note registration for each series is separate; you do not have to attend all partner programs in the series.

  • Are Hive’s HelloSeries programs recorded?

    Yes! A recording will be emailed to attendees following the event containing a cloud recording.

  • Is there a cost to register for Hive’s HelloSeries?

    Nope! Hive is 💫 always free 💫 for students and recent graduates.

  • When will I receive the event Zoom link?

    The Zoom link for each night will be emailed right before the event. Please note that students must have registered Hive profiles and emails to be eligible to receive their Zoom link and attend. Students can register as a Hive student at app.hellohive.com!

  • How do I receive priority consideration for roles?

    Registered Hive students are eligible to receive priority consideration and can apply through the Hive portal; look out for an email after the event with more details and a link to the Hive opportunity!