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HIVE Diversity rebrands to hellohive

NEW YORK (October 31, 2022) — After two years of operating as HIVE Diversity, the sophomore startup will begin doing business under the name hellohive. The change went live on October 15th, 2022, the company’s second anniversary of its founding in 2020. The company’s scope of services – including career development resources for students and recent graduates, a proprietary resume-building technology, and uniquely curated programs and events- remains unchanged, as does its commitment to bridging the gap between next-gen diverse talent and companies who value DEI.

A Broader Vision of Diversity

The name change was borne of a reflection upon its mission and vision. Throughout its evolution, Hive has come to recognize diversity in a manner that is broader than its traditional definition; Hive aims to further the diversity conversation by incorporating the vast variety of lived experiences – such as being a first-generation college student, student-athlete, non-gender-binary, bilingual, and more – that make students and recent graduates equipped to excel in the workplace. 

“Diversity as a lived experience – not only an identity – enhances authentic and meaningful engagement during the recruitment process,” said Byron Slosar. This change in name is only the continuation and crystallization of this mission as the company enters its third year in business. 

The Journey and Growth

In 2018, Hive’s founder Byron Slosar, through his work directly with undergraduates in collegiate career services, recognized the need for next-generation talent to share their authentic selves with others during the recruitment process. Slosar founded the company in 2020 with the goal to empower students of all backgrounds, diversities, and lived experiences to connect with companies that value DEI. Since its launch, the company has grown exponentially now boasting 21,000+ users across a wide array of majors, class standings, and backgrounds. Hive is proud to partner with 50+ clients ranging from financial service institutions to marketing and communications firms, including Disney, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, and more. 

The HelloSeries

In fall 2022, Hive launched its HelloSeries, a series of programs curated to the needs of first- and second-year college students. These programs aim to shed light on what careers at its partner companies are like through panelist discussions, AMAs with recent graduates, and a safe, open-forum environment. Additionally, The HelloHive team wants to emphasize that there has been no change in management and in the range of product / services they offer. The company is excited about what the future holds.

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HIVE Diversity rebrands to hellohive

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