You’ve got this — Byron Slosar and Dakotah Eddy discuss diversity, and it’s about to get inspiring

Hive Founder & CEO, Byron Slosar,  answers a few questions about the October 2020 launch of the undergraduate-focused diversity recruiting platform.

a person in a art tech exhibition with purple screens

“I started Hive because I had gained enough experience to know with 100% certainty that a few of my observations were warranted and that I’d be able to develop a solution that would impact students and employers in a meaningful way. Students should be able to go to college to figure out who they are when they are there, to experience college as college – not just to get a job. Much of the current structure with regard to recruiting and career development doesn’t include them as participants in the conversation, rather it expects them to accommodate how the structure has always existed because they need and want jobs.”

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