Meet our FlyHires, students that found and accepted new opportunities through Hive!



“Without the highly curated set of career preparedness resources, the access to amazing opportunities, and the continued involvement from everyone in the Hive team, I would have never realized the immense value of my diverse and non-traditional background.”

― Miguelangel Pineda Soto, Oklahoma State University ‘22, Analyst at Goldman Sachs



“With Hive, I gained a community that supported me in all areas of my internship search. They helped me to confidently speak about my skills and experiences in my resume and interviews and develop my network with new professionals and companies.”

― Chanthea Quinland, Smith College ‘23, Information Technology Intern at Lucasfilm



“Hive helped me break through the barrier of being a First-Gen, Low-income, Latinx student. They gave me a professionally formatted resume, an understanding and breakdown of how to be successful in searching for the perfect company and job match, and I learned how to apply buzzwords and the STARS method when I interviewed with companies.”

― Richie Romero, Skidmore College ‘21, Incoming Consulting Development Analyst at Accenture



“Hive creates a talent pipeline that contributes to building the next generation of diverse, equitable, and inclusive individuals who will push forward and elevate their respective firms. I am grateful that Hive allows me to express everything that makes me who I am.”

― Trejon Shelton, Tulane University ‘21, Agent Training Program at United Talent Agency


Patented Resume Builder


Students and recent graduates are virtually coached through the resume-building process.

Our patented resume builder technology creates a simple, perfectly-formatted 1-page resume. Resumes are easily updated over time throughout a student’s college career.

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Career Center in the Cloud


The Hive 5 Process

The Hive 5 process coaches students through five steps to creating a strong, informative, representative resume. Employer companies benefit from students being prepared and ready for interviews.

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One Truly Diverse Community


The first step into a truly diverse community of peers and employers.

Joining Hive means joining an ever-evolving community of representation across all facets of diversity. Students build their knowledge and networks for college and beyond.

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Whether you’re a first-year student or a senior, our programs and events showcase our community of companies to you wherever you are in your career journey.

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Today’s generation of talent seeks companies who value who they are.

Hear from Will, a former Hive student, about how Hive’s technology is empowering next generation talent to be people first.


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